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Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer

The Hartman Law Firm, LLC is a leading Charleston auto accident lawyer with several years of experience and an impressive track record. Frank Hartman is Charleston's favorite injury attorney with impeccable communication skills. Here's how we help clients get the money they deserve:

  • Knowledge of the personal injury law

Our attorney possesses thorough knowledge of injury laws in South Carolina and can educate on your legal rights, what to expect in your case, and prepare you for the litigation. Frank can answer all your questions and quell your concerns after an auto accident. Frank Hartman will act as your trusted ally after a car crash, help you make informed decisions in your case, and navigate through the legal processes. While injury claims involve a ton of paperwork, our attorney can help you understand the legal jargon and assist you in filing them.

  • Professional and objective 

As someone involved in the accident firsthand, you may lack the ability to assess your case objectively. Frank can assess and evaluate your case objectively and help you make unbiased decisions. Most accident victims jump at the very first offer they receive from the insurance adjuster. However, you may lose thousands of dollars by accepting the first offer, without negotiating and testing your case's limits. Our attorney can protect your interests, keep an eye out for low ball offers, and warn you about the same. They will let you know when to accept an offer after assessing the net worth of your claim.

  • Handles negotiations

Insurance companies always try to play tricks to evade paying compensation, like blaming you for the accident, passing some share of the negligence on you for the mishap, etc. Besides, they may try to settle the claim as quickly as possible by quoting a low ball settlement offer. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer like Frank Hartman is crucial to tackling gigantic insurance companies and their strategies. Our auto accident injury lawyer will use an aggressive approach to help you receive the compensation you deserve by putting forth valuable arguments on your behalf.

  • Help you get medical attention

Our clients put Frank Hartman's name as one of the crisis contacts as our attorney helps them seek treatment from top treatment providers in Charleston. Frank Hartman has excellent connections with some of the doctors and surgeons in Charleston and his team of expert witnesses, allowing him to direct you to the best treatment providers in case of emergencies.

  • Emotional support

While you focus on recovering from the pain and trauma after getting hurt in a car wreck, our personal injury lawyer can offer emotional support and fight your legal battles for you. Frank handles the claims on his clients' behalf and minimizes their stress significantly.

Contact 843-300-7600 to have the #1 Charleston auto accident lawyer handle your case. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC has delivered several million dollar settlements to car accident victims and sought justice from the at-fault parties. We can do the same for you. Get in touch with us today.

Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer

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