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Car Accident Attorney Charleston

Car Accident Attorney Charleston

Frank Hartman is a renowned car accident attorney in Charleston with several years of experience, remarkable negotiations, and exceptional communication skills. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC has helped hundreds of victims fight their legal battles and recover reasonable compensation for their injuries and losses from the negligent parties.

Things not to do after a vehicle accident

Do not leave the accident scene until law enforcement arrives. Most people forget to call 911 after an accident, not realizing it's essential to get a police report and establishing fault for an accident in a lawsuit.

Do not lose your cool. Try to remain calm and document the details of the accident scene. Do not say things like sorry, it was my fault, etc., to other drivers or those involved in the accident.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer for a vehicle accident 

A car accident lawyer can advocate for the clients, representing them in court as a judge, and negotiate a reasonable compensation from the at-fault party's insurance company. While you are dealing with a lot of pain and trauma after an accident, an experienced car accident lawyer can liaise with the lien holders on your behalf and handle all communications.

They can build a solid case and improve your chances of recovering maximum compensation for your losses. They may level the playing field during the negotiations, assess the actual worth of your claim, and protect your rights throughout the process.

What to do if a loved one endures injures in a vehicle accident?

If you have a parent, spouse, guardian, or sibling injured or hurt in a car wreck, it is not uncommon to panic. However, the sooner you pull yourself together and act diligently, the higher the chances of your loved one recovering a reasonable compensation for their injuries and losses. Here are a few things you must do if your loved one suffers injuries in a car accident:

  • Rush to the accident scene

If someone close to you suffers injuries in a car accident, get to your loved one as soon as you can. Your presence can provide them with support, courage, and peace of mind. Since they may not be in an ideal state to call a lawyer or exchange contact information with the other driver, you can do these on their behalf.

  • Notify the insurance provider 

The victim may not be able to call their insurer immediately after an accident. You can inform the insurance carrier about the accident on their behalf and receive instructions on what to do next.

  • Get legal representation 

While your loved one is in hospital for their injuries after a car crash, you may contact an auto accident injury lawyer to receive guidance on what to expect and what to do next. The sooner you contact your attorney, the quicker they can start an investigation, and the higher the chances of your loved one receiving a favorable case outcome.

Your search for the best Car accident victims attorney ends here. Call us at 843-300-7600 to schedule a consultation with our car accident attorney in Charleston. Frank Hartman has a reputation for winning several million dollar settlements for his clients. The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, can help you seek justice from the at-fault party and recover the compensation you deserve to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life. Get in touch with us today.

Car Accident Attorney Charleston

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