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Head On Collisions

Causes of Head-on Car Accidents


Many times intoxicated driver's are so obliterated, they don't even know they are on the wrong side of the road. We have all seen it time and time again, someone is drunk, going on the highway on the wrong side. Whether or not the drunk driver is going at a high rate of speed or not, any highway head-on collision is tragic because the other driver is usually going at least 55 mph.

Distracted Driving

Not only do we have smart phones but we have smart watches and in-car gadgets. These all can cause a driver to be distracted. It only takes a millisecond to look away and get into a head-on collision.

Driving while exhausted or drowsy

Driving while tired or even drowsy can be as dangerous as driving drunk. The lull of the car sound, the comfortable seat, the perfect temperature, it can all be a perfect scenario for falling asleep at the wheel. Even if someone feels drowsy, the best thing to do is pull over into a rest stop, or somewhere safe, and take a little power nap. Ignoring your body's signals that it needs to shut down is a recipe for disaster. Our Attorneys Help People Hurt in Head-On Car Accidents

pHead-on car wrecks, can cause devastating and life-changing injuries, like:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – A TBI can result from trauma associated with impact or from striking an object inside the car such as the steering wheel.

Spinal cord injury – Spinal cord injuries are associated with paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia (also called tetraplegia) and hemiplegia. Neck injuries – Neck injuries are a common injury in these head-on accidents. The head whips forward and back in the classic whiplash movement. Injuries can be permanent, depending on the severity of the impact. Broken bones – The injury typically occurs when the victim braces with that part of their body immediately prior to impact. Amputation – Sometimes parts of a victim’s body are fully or partially severed as a result of the collision. Such injuries can require amputation.

How Much Money Will I Get for My Car Accident?

Studies show that insurance companies pay, on average, significantly more (40% conservatively) to people when they are represented by a car accident lawyer. However, every crash has its specific set of facts that help determine value. How much compensation you receive can be based on a number of factors.

In general, victims of car accidents can receive funds to cover:

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