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This is a story of a woman coming back from work on the West Ashley bridge near the round Holiday Inn. One of the rare times the bridge was open. She waited in traffic along with everyone else in her Toyota SUV. Once the bridge closed, everyone accelerated. She was in the far left lane. There was a man in a Porsche in lane two, eager to get where he was going. And all the way in the far right lane was the driver of a T-rex front loading cement truck. A confluence of events brought these three vehicles together. My client was the only one who didn’t break the law preventing traffic accidents. As the Porsche accelerated past my client, the cement truck driver realized at the last minute he was headed toward Lockwood Boulevard. So the cement truck driver crossed three lanes of traffic in a thirty-two foot long vehicle, right into the lane the Porsche occupied. The Porsche tried to avoid the worse of two evils by veering into my client’s lane. A three car collision ensued. My client’s vehicle was suspended in air. She suffered a significant back injury as a result. Two years, a discectomy, a lumbar fusion and $250,000.00 in medical bills later, it was time for the defendants to pay. Naturally, they pointed the finger at one another. We sued them both. Four years, two defendants, six depositions, and two mediations later, my client walked with almost six hundred thousand dollars. Score one for the good guys.


A young man was struck by a flying shard of metal from a defective Honda airbag. EMS advised leaving the shard in the throat to prevent the young man from bleeding out. Forty-five minutes went by. Finally, they took him to the emergency room where he underwent emergency surgery. It was touch and go. The metal shard nicked the carotid artery. Ultimately, the young man recovered, but with an unsightly scar on his neck. He was only eighteen years old. With another firm, we obtained a settlement from Honda. The settlement with Takata, the maker of the defective airbag, is ongoing. Honda knew of the defective part for ten years and did nothing.


he worst Christmas eve ever. Defendant struck my client at a high rate of speed in a residential area. Defendant could not remember what happened. My client required lower back fusion as a result. Two years of litigation and we got a great result from the underinsured carrier. Client fully recovered and helped her grandchildren with a college fund.


We got all the coverage we could on this claim from the carrier. The Defendant was uninsured. Defendant weaved through traffic in a reported stolen car, then went into a ditch and broadsided my client. My client suffered a torn rotator cuff that required extensive surgery. After months of physical therapy, he regained almost all range of motion.


Another horrible DUI wreck. My client was a passenger in the car. Driver crossed the yellow line and struck the oncoming vehicle. The Ford truck burned to an unrecognizable hunk of metal. My client required surgery to repair a broken collarbone. We ran the coverage, the defendant drivers liability, the excess liability on their own vehicle, and the $100,000.00 in Underinsured coverage on my clients policy. He paid off his house.


Horrible DUI wreck with shoulder surgery as a result. Defendant blew .20. We got all the coverage we could, but there wasn’t nearly enough. Client did get the shoulder fixed and bought a house with the proceeds.

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