Why You Should Wear Sunglasses

Don’t switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no
Don’t masquerade with the guy in shades oh no

I can’t believe it!

‘Cause you got it made with the guy in shades oh no
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can so I can

Forget my name while you collect your claim
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can so I can
See the light that’s right before my eyes

– Corey Hart

Honestly, no one really knows why Corey insisted on wearing his sunglasses at night. One presumes he experienced some sort of trauma or maybe he had a light sensitivity. What we are here to discuss is the best place for normal people with normal sunglasses needs to find the best product. I like Shades of Charleston.

In a companion piece, I explained my habit of either breaking or losing my sunglasses. My predilection for loss is your gain because I share my favorite shopping spot with you.

In preparation for this piece, I spoke with Stephen at Shades of Charleston to get some additional information. Before I share what I learned, I have to disclose that I found out most of the people there are either soon to be licensed opticians or aspiring opticians. 

Now that I made that observation, here are some other great reasons to shop there. First, you can support a locally owned business that has the best frame and lens selection to fit all your lifestyle needs (think boating, driving, cycling, running, or just any time you go outside in the gorgeous Low-country sun).

Second, as I stated in the previous paragraph, the staff is top notch. They are trained to help fit lenses and frames for your lifestyle. And there is no shortage of options in the store. They are friendly and genuinely want to help you find the glasses that you like the best and meet your needs.

Third, they carry Maui Jim, a brand recommended and recognized by the Skin Cancer Association as helping to prevent cancer. I might run out and get a pair of these now that I read it because I have very fair skin.

Fourth, Did I mention they have a huge selection of glasses to choose from? (Yeah, I did, but it bears repeating) They have over four thousand (4,000) pairs to choose from when you get there. That is the definition of choice, people. We are not talking three channels on TV anymore

Lastly, they have prescription eye-wear available. In a moment of candor, I have to tell you, I lost my prescription sunglasses several years ago, to my eternal regret. Which leads me to my last insight.

Spend the twenty bucks on the Cablz, or the whatchamacallit that attaches to your sunglasses and prevents you from losing them as I did.

This has been Frank Hartman, of The Hartman Law Firm, LLC, with this public service announcement

If you are interested in seeing (get it? seeing, because it is a glasses store?) what Shades of Charleston has to offer, go to their website: www.shadesofcharleston.com. There you will find all of the options at your fingertips.

Then go into the actual store, because it’s worth the trip to meet the people and see what they have to offer you.

We all enjoy the summer and the sun but remember, though the sun has its benefits, you need to protect your skin and eyes from solar damage. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself!

-Frank Hartman


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