Determining Liability in a Multi-Car Pileup

Multi-car pile-up on freeway

Determining liability in a South Carolina car accident can be complicated. Often, two drivers involved in a collision will disagree about who is at fault. In some cases, they may both be right–many car accidents have more than one contributing cause. Imagine, for example, that one vehicle suddenly stops in traffic because two children are fighting in the back seat. The next vehicle in line is following too closely and slightly exceeding the speed limit, and rear-ends the vehicle that stopped abruptly. 

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What Did the Doctor Say to the Insurance Company?

Imagine this:

Jane is a young woman driving herself home from work after a long day. She is exhausted and distracted by her workload. As she approaches a traffic light, the message notification on her phone dings. She quickly glances down instinctively. It’s her husband asking what she what wants to do for dinner.

In that moment, as Jane is trying to multitask between driving, handling her job stress, and her dinner plans, the light changes from green to yellow, then red. But, Jane isn’t paying attention and she passes through the light.

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