Navigating the Auto Insurance Landscape

Whether you’re insuring a car for the first time, updating your auto insurance to cover a new car, or simply trying to lower your premiums, buying auto insurance can be confusing. In some ways, the task is simpler now than it ever was. Gone are the days of making umpteen phone calls to insurance agents and keeping copious notes. Online quotes and comparison tools can provide a lot of information and save you valuable research time when trying to locate the best auto insurance policy. But figuring out precisely what type of coverage you need-and how much-remains a little mysterious to many drivers.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Cars

Sometimes, the issues that are least-often discussed are the most important for safe driving, making sure you’re in compliance with the law, and ensuring that you’re covered if you do get into a motor vehicle crash. Here are three issues we don’t see covered often enough: what happens when you get in an collision without insurance, why you need to rotate your tires, and what special considerations you should be aware of if you’re considering driving for Uber or Lyft.

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What Did the Doctor Say to the Insurance Company?

Imagine this:

Jane is a young woman driving herself home from work after a long day. She is exhausted and distracted by her workload. As she approaches a traffic light, the message notification on her phone dings. She quickly glances down instinctively. It’s her husband asking what she what wants to do for dinner.

In that moment, as Jane is trying to multitask between driving, handling her job stress, and her dinner plans, the light changes from green to yellow, then red. But, Jane isn’t paying attention and she passes through the light.

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